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Get Schooled On Our Tybee Cool

Y’all come get schooled on our Tybee Cool.  It’s that time of year when everyone starts thinking about reading, writing and arithmetic.  Mermaid Cottages says there’s time for that later and right now is the perfect time to be thinking about reefing, riding and other Tybee Island tips!  We’ve got recreation you can
enjoy right by yourself and plenty of interactive outlets for groups both large and small.

The Whitman Yacht

get schooled on our tybee cool
Photo: The Whitman Yacht

From its polished woodwork to its colorful spinnaker, this custom 47’ ketch-rigged sailing vessel can be yours for private charter by the half day, day, week or longer and is ideal for two to six guests. Engage in the yachting experience under the Captain’s expert guidance or simply relax and enjoy the ride.

Sundial Charters

get schooled on tybee island sand dollars

From bird watching to dolphins in the wild.  Or maybe fossil hunting to castnetting and crabbing. From the parting of the Spartina Grass up through Jack’s Cut. And then there’s getting “unplugged” on Little Tybee.  There are about 6500 acres from which to roam about.  Just pick a spot.  The lowlands will provide the entertainment.  Sundial Charters puts you right on center stage.

Sea Kayak Georgia

get scchooled on our tybee cool
Photo by Sea Kayak Georgia

Ready to make waves of your own? Here, you’ll find kayak, canoe, yoga and SUP journeys for all levels of paddlers. These eco friendly programs are an amazing way to sample the waterways of Tybee Island and Little Tybee Island and Savannah.

Tybee Beach Ecology Trips

get schooled with tybee beach ecology trips

Feet firmly planted on the ground?  Landlubbers assemble on the beach for Dr. Joe’s Tybee Beach Ecology Trips!  Tybee Island has an amazingly diverse collection of marine animals. Part of the reason that Tybee is so species rich is because of its location within a transition zone or “biogeographical province” between a cold-temperate fauna to our north and a tropical fauna to our south.  Tybee gets some spill-over or overlap species that extend southward from Canada and beyond Cape Hatteras, NC, and some other species that extend northward from the Caribbean and beyond Cape Canaveral, FL.  And what makes Tybee even more interesting is that many of these range extension animals come and go, depending on the season.  What you find on Tybee’s beach during one time of the year might well be different from what you find another time of the year.  The result is that every trip to the beach at Tybee may well be different in regards to what you might see and find.

get schooled on our tybee cool
Photo by Thrasher Photography

Some things just can’t be taught in a classroom. That’s when our clean, fresh air takes over as the instructor and the tides decide the lesson plans.  Get schooled on our Tybee Cool.  It all starts with our cottage charm and our coastal calm.  Just think of how much fun your next adventure will be with Mermaid Cottages and your dreams.

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  1. Dear Mermaids,

    We are sending love and prayers to you and Tybee and all the coast as you prepare for Dorian. Love you all!!!

    The Woods Family
    Bowling Green, Kentucky

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