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tybee island favorite porches

Our Favorite Tybee Island Porches

Spring is the best time to enjoy our favorite Tybee Island porches. We can’t help but feature some of our best places in celebration of warmer weather.  With weather this gorgeous, even our pods of Mermaids love to perch in just the right places to see and be seen.  Some are perfect for alone time for reading and for napping, while others provide just the right ambience and ocean breezes for al fresco dining.  Whether you like ’em way up high or down low on top of a stoop, Mermaid Cottages has all kinds of porches.  Come on down.  Pick one out.  Get really comfortable and hold out your hands for sweet tea, water melons and decadent desserts.  It’s porch sittin’ time and we’ll show y’all just where and how to do it!

Brooks Cottage

tybee island porches

Sprawl out, belly up like an old cat drawing on the morning sun. Jackknife across the hand made quilts after a few too many mint juleps, or gather up all your sweet dreams to savor atop the day bed swing.

Back River Bungalow

back river bungalow cottage

How ’bout a gracious, wrap-around porch that sits way up high?  This one sits along the Back River where you can throw up your hand to wave at the kayakers and the paddle boarders making their way to launch
their sea-going adventures.  Locals and visitors alike love to stroll by as if on promenade for the rotogravure.  And, don’t think folks won’t look up to see who’s sitting out on your porch.   This is the South.  We don’t hide our crazy.  We sit ’em out on the porch with a tall, cold glass of sweet tea in their hand.  Be polite and wave back.

Enlisted Mens Mess Hall circa 1929

our favorite tybee island porches

Why stand around waiting for your turn to spit seeds.  A watermelon seed spitting contest is much more enjoyable from the front stoop of the porch, here.  Just slice it up, take a seat, aim and let ’em fly.  It’s even more fun in your pajamas, too.

Sanford’s Place circa 1930

our favorite tybee island porchesHow many times have you dreamed of a quiet place to collect yourself away from the rest of the world?  This is the perfect day bed for day dreams, your very own book nook, and to recline sublime
tybee island favorite porches

Now, these are just a few of our favorite Tybee Island porches.  We’ll show you more, but it’ll take some time to see them all.  Maybe y’all just need to come on down here and see them.  Up close and personal, you know.  We’d love to see which ones make your list.



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