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May 2021

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Mini Mermaid Getaways In June Updated!

Mini Mermaid Getaways are waiting to welcome you to Tybee Island for short getaways that are still full of our cottage charm and coastal calm. It’s going to be a glorious summer of getting back to normal. We’re excited to see repeat guests and to meet new guests who are just as elated to be on vacation again.  Understanding that not everyone has the opportunity to spend a week or longer at the beach, we’re happy to be flexible with our minimum night stay requirements to welcome guests who are looking for two and three night stays.  Here’s what we have available for June, so check your calendars and choose a marvelous Mini Mermaid Getaway that’s perfect for you!

Masks Off And Paddles Up For Tybee Time

Masks off and paddles up for Tybee Time with Mermaid Cottages. We’re all breathing much easier and that means we should get out and enjoy lots of outdoor recreation. From our coastal cottages’ decor to the beautiful surroundings of our little barrier island. Stunning and natural. Relaxed and bodacious. Just wait until you take it all in from the water level of a kayak or standing up on a paddleboard. Celebrate our island life.

east coast padd;ebpardomg

Our friends at East Coast Paddleboarding are open for business. They’re stand-up paddleboard outfitters and

Tybee Island Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Tybee Island sea turtle nesting season has begun and Mermaid Cottages invites you to experience the magic. Every May through October some of the seas most spectacular nesting females make their way back to our little barrier island to make their nests and to lay their eggs. Our Mermaids are proud and honored to be among the many volunteers who search for sea turtle nests to help get them counted and to make sure they are protected. It’s our pleasure to help keep them safe until the eggs hatch and the new hatchlings make it back into the sea.

tybee island sea turtle nesting season

In fact, our wonderful guests play just as important a part in this annual homecoming of nesting sea turtles.

just beachy cottage

Just Beachy circa 1967 Has New Updates For Summer 2021

Just Beachy circa 1967 has new updates for summer 2021 and Mermaid Cottages invites you to come enjoy them. This cute and charming seaside cottage now sports a new Tybee sky blue exterior and all the features our guests have adored before have been updated and enhanced for even more Tybee Time relaxation.

tybee island street scene the midwest mermaid
photo by The Midwest Mermaid

Maddie's On Jones Cottage by Casey Jones

Reserve A Mermaid Cottage. Give Yourself A Discount

Reserve a Mermaid Cottage. Give yourself a discount. It’s true.  When you complete your own reservation on our website you can enter a corresponding discount code to give yourself a discount. We’ve got discount codes for everyone and we’re delighted to have you use them any time you want.

Back River Bungalow
Back River Bungalow