Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Screen door at Nora's Cottage

Adorable Mermaid Cottages

Adorable Mermaid Cottages are just what you need when you want your beach vacation to be relaxed, calm, and charming. When we say adorable, we really do mean a-door-able. Our cottage doors are inviting and welcoming and they’re the start of your much-needed getaway. You’ll see what we mean each time you pull up to these front doors, side doors, and gates in our collection.

a little salty screen door
A Little Salty circa 1945

Some front doors are actually screen doors opening onto the front porch where there are rockers and swings and recamiers waiting for you to sit, wave to passers-by, and pass the time to the tune of ice cubes clinking in a tall glass of sweet tea.

Beach Haven circa 1914
Beach Haven circa 1914

We love this enclosed patio door. The door on the right leads to the second full bathroom in the main house.

cantaloupe cottage lavender door
Cantaloupe Cottage circa 1957

Purple palettes are full of grace as this colored door represents privilege, royalty, and wealth. It has a real beachy vibe, too!

crabby pirate arbor entrance
Crabby Pirate circa 1970

This garden arbor enhances the welcoming exterior of this charming cottage complete with a white picket fence. Sweet beginnings to a sweet little cottage where beach memories are made.

madelyn's on the marsh
Madelyn’s on the Marsh circa 1954

A pink front door symbolizes youthfulness, lightheartedness, and being a risk taker. It makes us feel generous, cheerful and thoughtful each time we get it ready for our guests.

a white door at Sandpiper Cottage
Sandpiper Cottage circa 1930

As you can probably imagine, a white door symbolizes purity, tradition, and freshness. This is precisely what you’ll find when you enter this beautiful beach cottage owned by noted designer and stylist Elizabeth Demos and her sister Mary. They both grew up near the beach and had always dreamed of owning a getaway near the ocean.

Pampered Pelican Cottage

The Pampered Pelican

A sophisticated color like grey is both neutral and dignified. Grey is typically a background color, letting your front porch stand out.

Screen door at Nora's Cottage
Nora’s Cottage circa 1940

The doors of our adorable Mermaid Cottages welcome you into a gentler, kinder time where everyday stresses are not allowed in. Even when you leave through these doors, you take with you the memories of your stay and the hopes of returning for many more!


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