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Cool New Additions at Seaside Sisters!!

This awesome artwork is from Spring Tide Art Studio down in Florida! Aren’t they fabulous? These custom pieces are all hand-painted on rough hewn wood and will be available for sale at Seaside Sisters soon! Make sure you head into the shop before these delicious painting are all gobbled up!


Shake Your Maracas for Ms. Sylvia!!

Ms. Sylvia Gott is a Tybee music icon. She’s a peppy 101 years young and still rocks a nightly gig at Doc’s Bar here on the island. Yes, our lovely lady is known world wide for her talents as a percussionist. Drums, castanets, tambourines…you name it. We love to watch her play!

photo thanks to Tybee Arts Association and Sherri Simmons

Recently, Ms. Sylvia had a fall and was hospitalized for a cracked pelvis. She’s recovering and is very eager to get back to her music! The community has been cheering on her full recovery and to help with that, she needs a lift in her home to help her get from her first to her second floor. There have been fund raisers island wide, thanks to the Tybee Arts Association and other groups, to help raise the $10,000 for the lift.
You can join Tybee in raising the funds to help Ms. Sylvia get her lift this Saturday, August 28th, from 5 to 9 p.m. at Doc’s Bar! There will be great food and great music, so please come! Wear your turbine and bring your maracas to shake in honor of the fabulous Ms. Sylvia!!
There will be buckets for your donations at Doc’s as well as many other locations around the island. If you aren’t able to make it to Tybee, you can head on over to the Tybee Arts Association website and make a donation through Paypal! Please help us help our beloved music legend!

We send our very best to Ms. Sylvia and wish her a full and speedy recovery!!

photo by Sherri Simmons

Mermaid Cottages Vacation Rentals: Junker’s Mecca- The Rose Bowl Flea Market

I finally made it. I’ve read about it for years. I’ve always admired Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame who sopped there and create her empire of totally luscious homes and tell the world about her finds. My famous writer friend, Mary Kay Andrews ( )told me if I could make my schedule work, I definitely needed to go. But who knew that the gods, stars and moon would align and I would happen to be in Southern California on the weekend the famous Rose Ball event would be happening. I was so excited!!!!! But not excited enough to show up @ 5AM when the mart opened. We arrived late morning and believe me, there was still plenty of fabulous stuff to be found.

WHAT FUN!!! I called Seaside Sister Susan and Mary Kay as I was about to walk in just because our of most of my friends- they would appreciate what I was going thru. I did not call Jane, because she would have told me to buy everything possible and rent that U haul to bring back with me. And I didn’t need anymore encouragement to do just that.

It was a bit overwhelming at first because there is so much stuff everywhere. But I do know if I lived in CA, I would be a regular and you would figure out your favorite vendors and form your pattern and really work the booths. There was tons of Mid Century Modern of which I am not a big fan. I’m much more the Shabby Chic, Rusty Crusty person. I did see some great things that I loved. One of these pictures showes these beautiful old bottles with seahorses and other beautiful shells on top. The biggest purchase was the beautiful vintage fabric shams made from linen and other soft dreamy colors. The three pillows will be gracing my slipcovered sofa @ Mermaid Manor when I’m back home. BTW- if you have never been to Rachel Ashwell’s website or stores (she’s actually down to only two- one in Santa Monica and one in NYC) treat yourself. I buy her things at Target and they are great, but there was always something about walking into her actual shop and seeing the visions she creates. I also thought it ironic, one of the things I purchased at the flea market was one of her books- I already had a copy , but couldn’t resist $5 for another one.

One of the things I did not buy was these amazing vintage French posters. There were two I loved, but the price was $500…. Each. But the pictures were great! We also found a $5.00 vintage Chinese parasol for mom to enjoy and keep the sun off.

I am so glad I made this trip- another check off my bucket list!!!

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