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Mermaid Sightings: Katya Fairy Tales

Have you seen our latest Mermaid Sightings: Katya Fairy Tales?  Our wonderful Mer-Friend, Melissa, sent us this link to KATYA Fairy Tales!

Mermaid Sightings: Katya Fairy Tales
Flirting Mermaid


Hi, my name is Katya. I am from Siberia (brrr-r-r-r). But now live in Cyprus:) I am making DOLLS  for  “BIG KIDS”. For those who still remember the ROAD to CHILDHOOD: to the time when trees were bigger and dreams were brighter…

Mermaid Sightings: Katya Fairy Tales
Tell Me Mirror Mermaid
Mermaid Sightings: Katya Fairy Tales
Little Mermaid

We just love these plump and whimsical Mermaid Sightings: Katya Fairy Tales from KATYA’s collections and her other creations are just as fun!  Mermaids are everywhere and they come in every shape and size, so when you see them snap their photo and email it to!


Iron Mermaids

We’ve got another great Mermaid Sightings for y’all!  It’s called Iron Mermaids!  It looks almost like there’s a Mermaid Convention going on at The Beach House Market in Panama City Beach!

Mermaid Sightings: The Beach House Market

The Beach House Market is home to a lot of fabulous things! They’re filled to the brim with shabby chic home decor that includes lamps, shells, depression glass, nautical items, jewelry, rugs and Mermaids!

You’ll find this unique shopping experience just past Pier Park and Highway 79 in Panama City Beach, FL.  They’re located inside the shopping plaza next to Dollar General, on the right.  Y’all better hurry before I get down there and bring every one of these fish-tailed beauties back to Tybee Island!

Remember, Mermaids are everywhere and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  When you see them, email your photo to and you could be featured in an upcoming Mermaid Sightings blog!


Mermaid Sightings in Tucson!

We’ve got Mermaid Sightings in Tucson, Arizona!  Jackie, one of our West Coast Mermaids-At-Large, spotted this all the way out west!

Mermaid Sightings in Tucson!
McNesby’s East Coast Super Subs in Tucson, AZ!

“This photo was taken in Tucson at a bar/restaurant called McNesby’s. It’s a Philadelphia place – the guy is a transplant and wanted to have a Philadelphia dive bar that makes great Philly cheese steaks (they are GREAT!) and feels like Jersey Shore (it does)….. And of course, when I saw this sign on the bathroom, I had to send it to you since you post photos of mermaids on your blog….. this one would be FABULOUS… lol…”

– Jackie C., Los Angeles CA

Thanks, Jackie!  We’re sending coastal waves to our new friends at McNesby’s!  We know Mermaids are everywhere, coast to coast!  If you experience Mermaid Sightings be sure to email the photo(s) to and you could be featured in a future blog post, too!

Mermaid Sightings and Big Girl Dreams

We love Mermaid Sightings and big girl dreams!  Melissa S., one of our Florida Mermaids, discovered this wonderful blog called House of Estrogen.  It’s a wonderful blog about raising a family and we particularly love the entries about the transformation of a little girl’s dreams into a big girl’s new bedroom.

Mermaid Sightings and Big Girls' Dreams

“This My Big Girl Room!”

The transformation from nursery to big girl room is complete. While my heart aches that we’ll never have another little one in a crib, sanity takes over to remind me that we are COMPLETELY MAXED OUT – in energy, money, patience, and time. When I think about it that way, I’m thrilled to say BUH-BYE to all the baby gear. It is all going to a good home… to my housekeeper’s son and his girlfriend and their due-to-arrive-this-fall baby girl. – Ann and Addison, House of Estrogen …

Ride, Sea Hagg, Ride

Ride, Sea Hagg, Ride.  Yes, even Sirens of the Sea need to peel pavement from time to time.  The always fabulous Mary Kay Andrews spotted this set of Hot Wheels on a recent Florida trip.  It’s our Mermaid Sighting for this week!

Ride, Sea Hagg, Ride

“I actually met the owner.  She owns this crazy great shop in Cortez, just over the bridge from Anna Maria. Her boyfriend lives on Wilmington, and she shops at Seaside Sisters all the time!” –MKA …