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Ride, Sea Hagg, Ride

Ride, Sea Hagg, Ride.  Yes, even Sirens of the Sea need to peel pavement from time to time.  The always fabulous Mary Kay Andrews spotted this set of Hot Wheels on a recent Florida trip.  It’s our Mermaid Sighting for this week!

Ride, Sea Hagg, Ride

“I actually met the owner.  She owns this crazy great shop in Cortez, just over the bridge from Anna Maria. Her boyfriend lives on Wilmington, and she shops at Seaside Sisters all the time!” –MKA

From authentic anchors, fish nets, brass port holes, antique buoys, and the finest of ship’s instruments to watercolors and glass-blown fish created by the area’s most talented artisans, even the saltiest of collectors will find themselves mesmerized by the depth and scope of the Sea Hagg’s cargo!

Ride, Sea Hagg, Ride

About The Sea Hagg Proprietor Jan Holman began her nautical voyage from Lake Erie where she crossed Ohio to the Ohio River and traveled down to the mighty Mississippi at Missouri. From there she traveled down the Mississippi to Louisiana and finally made here way to the sun drenched coastal beauty of Florida. She spent her 25 year voyage honing her distinctive talent and expertise in the areas of antiques, decorating, retail, advertising, and all things nautical. Her passion for the maritime led her to the historical fishing village of Cortez and the creation of her treasure-filled chandlery, affectionately named, The Sea Hagg.

We’re just hoping Miss Jan brings her Mermaid-Mobile to Tybee, sometime.  Can’t you just imagine our gaggle of Mermaids stlyin’ and profilin’ around the island?  FINS UP!

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