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Neptune’s Fork

Mermaids team party at back in the day bakery!

You know how much we love this bakery . The best little bakery in savannah! If not the whole southeast! We had our monthly mermaid gathering there last week. Delicious pimento cheese sandwiches and their delicious curry chicken salad. And of course those little cupcakes and lavender cookies!!!! We had a wonderful party and strongly encourage everyone to make the pilgrimage yourself. And tell them the mermaids sent you!!!







Georgia Peach

Hand Picked Georgia Peaches

These are truly the taste of summer to me.  I remember when I was a boy. That would be the 60’s for me. Biting into a fresh picked and tree ripened peach and thinking it was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted.  I had on of these for lunch today and that long ago food memory came back to me.  They are hard to resist so don’t.

Neptune’s Fork