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The Mermaids of Tybee Island

Diane Kaufman air the Mermaid Cottages gathering

I recently attended a gathering of the Mermaids at Bohemian Cottage.  Here are a few shots I took of the Mermaid Cottages team and Diane.

There was a master class of towel and sheet folding by housekeeping and a dessert contest.

There is one shot of a mermaid that inspired this blog post.  I’ve been accused of dressing for my rooms in the past.  As an interior designer you get in the groove with color and pattern, it just happens.  Notice the zebra stripes.


Towel folding master class
General Judy with Marilou and Melissa
Kathy’s Tutorial / How to make a bed 101
Bobby / Mr. Fix It
Toni, Jill and Theresa
Desserts waiting to be judged.
Mermaid Style

A Well Dressed Bed in a Mermaid’s Cottage

A well dressed bed at Mermaid Cottages

The Beds at Mermaid Cottages are always well dressed. Diane and I are complimentary opposites.  She prefers more and I prefer less.  I would do 2 bed pillows per person and 3 large back pillows.  Diane does a total of 9 pillows on her beds.  This bedroom at Dutton Waller cottage is a great example of Diane’s school of thought.  She does a great job of finding bed linens that evoke cottage charm.  The coverlet at the end of the bed is new but looks like the 1930’s.  Diane is the smartest shopper I know.  She combs through Home Goods and TJ Maxx and the like for bargains.  Her timing is surgically accurate. she knows when the merchandise is to be updated weekly.  Even in my own design work I always suggest using  retail outlet stores in conjunction with custom-made things. Tuesday Morning being a favorite of mine for expensive linens at very off prices. I favor 1000 thread count sheets. They are a great source for them but you have to watch for their ads and be persistent.

Happy Shopping… Riptide

The Lady & Son’s

Bill at The Lady & Sons

We went out phantom dining again last night. Diane asked me and Joy to accompany her to The lady & Sons. That is Paula Deen‘s restaurant in Savannah.

It was the antithesis of what I thought it would be like. The first thing I saw was a buffet. That would be the last form of dining acceptable to me. I just don’t like that. Joy decided to go for the buffet. Diane and I ordered off the menu.

All was a pleasant surprise. I had The special which was pork tenderloin. That is usually how I order. The conventional wisdom being, the ingredients are the freshest. It was better than I expected. I sampled Diane’s grouper and it was truly outstanding. Joy was thrilled with her choice as well.

We had heard a lot of negative comments through the usual small town gossip that the restaurant had been in decline. All three of us were delighted we found that to be false. In addition to the great food we also found the service to be outstanding. Our waitress was wonderful and attentive. Considering the volume of people on three floors of the seats 600 restaurant; we were never forgotten. She was also still conversing with us after dinner and showing us the bar area that is exclusive to the 3rd floor of the restaurant.

By the way! Diane reveled in taking the photo of me with Paula’s biscuit and “Ho cake” in my hand. It was another cheat meal for me. In spite of that I’ve lost 3 pounds since arriving on Tybee. I’ve been running around for Joy and Diane ever since I got here. The result is 180 pounds. I’ve never heard that number before. At my recent doctor’s office weigh in that was the happy news. I’m sure that before the summer is done I’ll be referring to it as the Tybee Diet. … Riptide

Jamie Deen Filming on Tybee

Jamie Deen

Jamie Deen has been filming on Tybee. His new show “Home For Dinner” premiers this saturday morning at 10:30 AM on The Food Network. He is delighted with the show being slotted after his famous mother’s show Paula’s Best Dishes“. There is a new article about the filming with an attached recipe in A Tybee Island beach house has been used for the filming. This should be great fun to watch.

Enjoy, Riptide

Tybee Island Wedding Chapel

Tybee Island Wedding Chapel

Today was the second opening ceremony for the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel. About thirty people were in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony. This Chapel is the subject of a recent film “The Last Song” staring Miley Cyrus , Liam Hemsworth Greg Kinnear and Tybee of course.

Admittedly I haven’t seen the film yet. I was chatting with one of the attendees whom gave away this detail. The church was burned several times in the making of the movie. The steeple from that church is featured on the property adjacent to the newly renovated Chapel.

This new facility will bring a new market to Tybee. The destination wedding  now has a new spot on it’s map. I’m sure that vacation rental business’ like our Mermaid Cottages will benefit greatly from the year round wedding business. This should shrink the seasonal Business gap considerably. This addition to the recreational activity that Tybee offers will surely prove to be a credit to the city.

The facility has a large banquet hall downstairs from the Chapel itself. The Chapel is very beautiful. Click on the link above. Their picture of the interior is far better than mine. All details for capacity etc. can be found there. There are rooms for bride and groom that are adjacent to the chapel and well appointed. They are designed to suit the needs of the most discerning modern couple.

Happy Planning! Rip Tide

The press in attendance


Heart Shaped Rose Wreathes
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony