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A Well Dressed Bed in a Mermaid’s Cottage

A well dressed bed at Mermaid Cottages

The Beds at Mermaid Cottages are always well dressed. Diane and I are complimentary opposites.  She prefers more and I prefer less.  I would do 2 bed pillows per person and 3 large back pillows.  Diane does a total of 9 pillows on her beds.  This bedroom at Dutton Waller cottage is a great example of Diane’s school of thought.  She does a great job of finding bed linens that evoke cottage charm.  The coverlet at the end of the bed is new but looks like the 1930’s.  Diane is the smartest shopper I know.  She combs through Home Goods and TJ Maxx and the like for bargains.  Her timing is surgically accurate. she knows when the merchandise is to be updated weekly.  Even in my own design work I always suggest using  retail outlet stores in conjunction with custom-made things. Tuesday Morning being a favorite of mine for expensive linens at very off prices. I favor 1000 thread count sheets. They are a great source for them but you have to watch for their ads and be persistent.

Happy Shopping… Riptide

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