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The Lady & Son’s

Bill at The Lady & Sons

We went out phantom dining again last night. Diane asked me and Joy to accompany her to The lady & Sons. That is Paula Deen‘s restaurant in Savannah.

It was the antithesis of what I thought it would be like. The first thing I saw was a buffet. That would be the last form of dining acceptable to me. I just don’t like that. Joy decided to go for the buffet. Diane and I ordered off the menu.

All was a pleasant surprise. I had The special which was pork tenderloin. That is usually how I order. The conventional wisdom being, the ingredients are the freshest. It was better than I expected. I sampled Diane’s grouper and it was truly outstanding. Joy was thrilled with her choice as well.

We had heard a lot of negative comments through the usual small town gossip that the restaurant had been in decline. All three of us were delighted we found that to be false. In addition to the great food we also found the service to be outstanding. Our waitress was wonderful and attentive. Considering the volume of people on three floors of the seats 600 restaurant; we were never forgotten. She was also still conversing with us after dinner and showing us the bar area that is exclusive to the 3rd floor of the restaurant.

By the way! Diane reveled in taking the photo of me with Paula’s biscuit and “Ho cake” in my hand. It was another cheat meal for me. In spite of that I’ve lost 3 pounds since arriving on Tybee. I’ve been running around for Joy and Diane ever since I got here. The result is 180 pounds. I’ve never heard that number before. At my recent doctor’s office weigh in that was the happy news. I’m sure that before the summer is done I’ll be referring to it as the Tybee Diet. … Riptide

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