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Tybee Ends October With The Big Squeeze

tybee ends october wit the big squeezeTybee ends October with the Big Squeeze when the Mobile Mamography Unit rolls into town on Thursday, October 30th!  Once again, our Seaside Sisters want you to push ’em up and point ’em out.  Our island air helps keep ’em perky!  We just enjoy mashin’ y’all so much we want you to stop by and reward yourself before and after you put ’em out there!

Grab your favorite girls and wear your best pearls today, all day long!  Show us your pearls and you’ll get a $10 Gift Certificate that’ll be good on any purchase during the Seaside Sisters Holiday Open House on November 8th and 9th.

tybee ends october with the big squeeze

Then, call 912.819.6800 to schedule your mammogram! …

What Are You Bringing To Tybee?

what are you bringing to tybee
Photo by Susan Anglen

What are you bringing to Tybee?  You know once you get here you’ll be eat up with fun in the sun, fresh seafood and starry nights by the sea.  Take a peek in our beach bag for some great tips as to what you should bring with you (don’t go into super-human packing mode. Most of these can be found right here in Tybee Island and Savannah, so travel light and stock up once you get here.).  This week we want to recommend some beach reads, sunscreen, sweet treats, cool beverages and a very sweet bike ride. …

Seaside Sisters 2014 Best of Tybee Island

Seaside sistersSeaside Sisters has been selected for the 2014 Best of Tybee Island Award in the Gift Shops category by the Tybee Island Award Program.

Full of local art, American-made crafts, funky furnishings, linens, and decorative items, Seaside Sisters also offers books, candles, seasonal stuff, antiques, frivolities, women’s accessories and a whole slew of things you will just love! Their beach-inspired gift shop is a collection of fabulous finds specially chosen by their consortium of Seaside Sisters; all with different tastes, talents and takes on the Tybee Island way of life.

Seaside Sisters decor

Each year, the Tybee Island Award Program identifies companies that have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Tybee Island area a great place to live, work and play.

Seaside Sisters Jewelry

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2014 Tybee Island Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Tybee Island Award Program and data provided by third parties.  So, be sure to stop by to celebrate Seaside Sisters’ 2014 Best of Tybee Island Award!


Counting Turtles and Saying Thanks!

Tybee Island Sea Turtles, Mermaid Morning Bliss CoffeeHere’s the latest update from Turtle Tammy!

“We are on a roll. Nest #13 was found this morning. Katie found the track. Some folks witnessed the turtle nesting and left a message at the science center. It was relocated to the dunes just south of 7th Street, 120 eggs. We are one away from our record, I expect to exceed the record, of 14, by next week, maybe even this weekend. There were four other false crawls this morning found by Katie and Kevin, but only that one nest.Mermaids Make A Difference, Mermaid Morning Bliss

I gave an interview today, with WSAV. The interview was in regards to the photo that shows four guys with a loggerhead. This occurred on Pine Island, off Wassaw Island. The guys felt the turtle was stuck and decided to help her to the water. Although it is possible for a turtle to get stuck it is rare. In the interview,  I made sure to tell people that if they encounter a turtle, to call the 1-800-save-me phone number. That way someone from DNR could respond and make sure the turtle is okay or needs to be rehabilitated. A stranded turtle could mean the turtle is sick, injured or incapacitated is some way. Hopefully the turtle is just fine.”

Woo hoo!  Isn’t this exciting?  You bet!  But, please remember to always call if you think you see a sea turtle in distress.  The number again is 1-800-save-me.  Be sure to stop by Seaside Sisters and get your Mermaid Morning Bliss coffee.  It looks like we’ll have a lot of sea turtles to support!

Spring Fever: Mary Kay Andrews’ Book Party

Mary Kay Andrews Book Signing Party in Tybee IslandJoin us for Southern Chick Lit and Cheerwine!

Thursday, July 5th from 5PM – 7 PM

Seaside Sisters/Tybee Island…where the heck else???

Celebrate the release of NYT’s #5 Bestseller, “SPRING FEVER”, Mary Kay Andrews’s sweetest beach read yet!

Meet Mary Kay, get your book signed and enjoy FREE bottles of Cheerwine, Cheerwine Cake, FREE fun Mary Kay and Cheerwine giveaways! Every copy of “Spring Fever” sold holds a ticket for a drawing to go to a PRIVATE party on Tybee Island with Mary Kay Andrews (OMG, what will we WEAR?)

So come on in, grab a bottle of Cheerwine and sit a spell with Mary Kay Andrews. It may be summertime, but it’ll feel like SPRING FEVER in the shop.