Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

May 2008

Support Georgia Sea Turtles with a new GA license plate!

Wow! Big news! Georgia residents can now support the Georgia Sea Turtle Center thru the purchase of speciality license plates for your car! We need at least 1000 people to sign up in order for the first production to be run. For details and for lots more information on this incredible sea turtle center in Georgia go to http://www.georgiaseaturtlecenter.org/

No sea turtle nests yet on Tybee or Little Tybee, but continue to keep your lights off starting at 9PM to help keep Tybee dark in order for the mama turtles to come ashore and lay her eggs…

My Weekend as a Tybee visitor

My dear friend, Karyn from South Beach ( Miami) came to Tybee to visit Memorial Day Weekend and thanks to my very efficient Mermaid team, I was able to spend some time enjoying Tybee as a visitor while showing everything to Karyn! What fun! I fell in love with Tybee all over again. Here are some of the things we did and enjoyed. Meals- cook? while on vacation? I don’t think so! We ate dinner at Georges’ of Tybee. There used to be two George’s- Big George and Little George. Their partnership has split and Big George is in charge. The Right George- let me tell you! The food was outstanding- their famous crab and corn soup, Crawfish burritos , Salmon, Shrimp and Crab cakes- and yes desert! We had drinks Sunday afternoon at Dewey’s Seafood Restaurant http://www.deweys-restaurant.com/ – I had an excellent Mojito and Karyn enjoyed a Pomegrante Martini. And fresh Georgia boiled shrimp- literally fresh off the shrimp boats we were admiring from our dockside seats. Music was being played by a local Tybee musican- Bob Dylan music of all things! Monday morning was The Breakfast Club – the line moved fast, the food came out hot and delicious- still the Tybee favorite for breakfast and still doesn’t disappoint! http://www.tybeeisland.com/dining/brclub/Default.htm

Bike riding, sitting on the front porch watching sunset, walking dogs, waving to everyone we saw- beautiful early summer weather- blue sky, no humidity, sunshine and a breeze, full bellies from good food- who could ask for a better Memorial Day!

My Sundial Nature Tours Experience



This is Captain Rene Heidt who spent a large part of her day last week taking my daughter Katie and myself out on one of her Sundial Nature Tours. WOW! This was not a fishing trip, this was not a group dolphin tour, this was not even a ride around in the marsh and back waters and see “stuff”. This was a personally designed hands on AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

We met Rene at her waterside home on Tybee and she explained the day- making a special point to remind us this was our time and whatever we’d like to do and see- just let her know. We wanted to see everything possible! The “Marsh Hen” boat took us out and we saw migrating birds on their way from the South Pole on their way to upper Canada, we saw pods of doplphins, we saw marsh hens who make their nests in the marsh grass, we stopped at Little Tybee and walked the deserted beach- we were completely enthralled with everything! Who knew that this truly magical space was literally out our back door ( we also saw our cottage from the water while riding the back river area).

I absolutely, postively strongly encourage any one coming to Tybee to spend time with Capt Rene on one of her tours. Her website is www.sundialcharters.net , email is rene@sundialcharters.net and phone is 912-786-9470. Children, adults, even your dog is welcome ( Dogs are allowed on Little Tybee- but during sea turtle nesting season – now- they need to remain on leash). Any questions or to learn more about my experience- just call or email me!!!

PS- as with some many of our Tybee locals- Rene wears many hats. She is also an accomplished artist creating beautiful water colors of marsh and nature scenes!

Look what’s washed ashore at Seaside Sisters!

WOW! Seaside Sisters Coastal Cottage Shop now is the Tybee home for Pamela Martin Designs. Her whimsical creations are in full bloom and Seaside Sisters is the only place on Tybee you can find her treasures. Her painted buckets ( ideal to hold drinks, or sand toys or any goodies you’d like) her beachy ornaments, fan pulls and brand new painted gourds- fish, mermaids and shrimp- everything you need to add some fun art into your life. Come by soon- the shop is now open 7 days a week.