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Sex and the City- The Movie!!!!!

Not sure how many of you were/ are rabid fans of Sex and the City. Some of us ( who shall remain nameless) have spent an entire Thanksgiving Weekend with her adult daughter on a Caribbean island where there was no tv watching the complete series on DVD from start to finish. And then received the entire set as a Christmas present that same year and spent the Christmas holidays watching the whole series all over again! But that’s ancient history. The big news is- only 29 days until Sex and the City and the Movie premiers!!!!!

If any of you tried to call or email me today from 4PM- 5PM I was ignoring you. Oprah had the girls AND Mr. Big on today to promote the movie! As Oprah said- “This is not a movie, this is an event! We owe it to ourselves to take our best girlfriends, dress up and go see this movie. The movie picks up from 4 years , 8 months, 2 days and 12 hours when the last show ended !” And as “Carrie” said ( and this was the best line from today’s show) her excitement about this movie was like comparing a Flip flop to a high heel!

So go to http://www.sexandthecitythemovie.com/ , mark your calendar for May 30th, take your best friends and go see this movie!

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