Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Michael, your Computer Expert Merman

Michael lives with an artist who calls herself “an healthy neurotic”. Michael is perhaps a bit less healthy, but definitely into the techie stuff, having lived in the computer world programming embedded systems, operating systems, telephone switches, and all sorts of innards of devices, but now has take on a bit more of a healthy bent by relaxing in the paradise that is Tybee and helping the less geeky figure out how to make their digital world conform more completely to their will. (Take a breath.) Have fun. Make computers work right. Michael helps folks in remote locations ranging from Seattle to Boston, and Michigan to Atlanta, as well as right here on the islands. He’ll help you purchase the right equipment for the job at hand, make the equipment you already have work more effectively, and scrub those nasty viruses right outta your hard drive. His web site is www.rammb.com, his email is serendip80@rammb.com, and his cell phone is (912) 655-4361. Contact him however you can for assistance, 24X7.

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