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April 2009

A tribute to a Heroic Dog

Our Tybee friends Dave and Sandi shared some sad news with us. Dave’s guide dog Acme was put to rest because of rapidly developing very bad health. Dave and Sandi are very eloquent in their public and private lives and here is what they shared with us about Acme.




“A proud and sad day was experienced in the Postle household today. We had to put Acme to rest because of rapidly developing poor health. A proud day because of his 10 1/2 years of flawless service; a sad day because he will only be with us in memory. 

The first day I brought him home from Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California, on August 16, 1998, we took him to a large store in Springfield, Illinois. Acme was energetically leading me down a main aisle with Sandi at my side. As we reached an aisle intersection an older couple shopping to our right, noticed him and the woman said with some fervor, “Oh, Fred. Look at that gorgeous animal!” I replied without hesitation, “Thank you, Ma’am and what do you think of my dog?” Her response just as quick was, “Men!!!”.

Wanting to show him off to Sandi, we went into the center court of the mall and I told Sandi to watch what Acme does in taking me to an elevator. I asked him to do so, he not only took me to the elevator, but took me to the side where the push buttons were located. What a dog!

On at least three occasions Acme drug me out of the path of three left turning vehicles, one in California, one in Springfield, IL and one on Tybee Island.

Once again, What a dog!

For these deeds he received the Georgia Hero Dog of the Year award in the spring of 2005 from the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association.

Sandi and I believe that God made some angels with four paws and I believe that Acme ranks right up there with Gabriel. After all his name, Acme, means “top-most, pinnacle or best”.

Lord, he will be missed. ”



Dave and Sandi, our thoughts are with you all, we know what a once in a life time dog this was for you…

Sea Turtles and Mermaids!

What a great Saturday morning! Mary Lou, Judy, Patrice, Caroline, Matt and even Carson joined me for the 5K walk/ run on the beach for the Tybee Turtle Trot. Then we all watched 4 rehabbed turtles be returned to the ocean. 2 Loggerheads and 2 green turtles swam out to the ocean after their stint at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center . The first loggerhead needed some help, he wasn’t so sure he wanted to leave the care of his wonderful humans, but with some encouragement, he did swim off. Our own Tina Gann who owns Caretta Cottage ( latin for sea turtle) was one of the people who carried the first turtle to the edge of the ocean. Tina had a pretty darn great day on Saturday! We think Carson was the littlest runner in the race, even if mom pushed him in the stroller! We hope to have a much larger group of Mermaids running/ walking next year so start training now to join us!

5th Annual Tybee Turtle Trot on Saturday April 25th!

We at Mermaid Cottages love our Tybee Sea Turtles!



Hopefully you’ll join us for not only the 5K walk/ run on the beach on Saturday and then stick around for the release of two rehabbed Sea Turtles from the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. You can still sign up – just be at the Marine Science Center by 7:30AM ( see details below!)



For details about the two turtles being released on the beach following the walk/run visit http://www.georgiaseaturtle.org/ and then go to the “our patients” page. Blizzard and Snowball’s stories are told here.



Who: Tybee Island Marine Science Center
What: Tybee Turtle Trot – 5k run/walk and release of two Loggerhead
Sea Turtles (Blizzard and Snowball) by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center
When: Saturday, April 25th, registration starts at 7 a.m., race starts
at 8 a.m., and sea turtle release is at 10 a.m.
Where: Registration is in front of the science center, 1509 Strand
Avenue on Tybee Island
Why: Fund raiser for the Tybee Sea Turtle Project and kick-off for the
2009 sea turtle nesting season 

Contact: Maria Procopio
Executive Director
Tybee Island Marine Science Center
PO Box 1879, 1509 Strand Avenue
Tybee Island, GA 13328
912-272-5008 Maria@TybeeMarineScience.org

Guide Dog Puppy High Drama!!!

Those of you who don’t believe or practise “social networking” need to read this story. And those of you who are addicted to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter- pat yourself on the back.


One of my Marriott friends, Sandy , who lives in Orlando and is now raising her 5th guide dog puppy called me this morning very worried. A guide dog puppy from the school we both work with- Guide Dog Foundation- was involved in a car accident and was lost in the streets of downtown Savannah. She asked me if I could call any of my pet rescue friends and I immediately called Lisa Scarborough, founder of Coastal Pet Rescue www.coastalpetrescue.org Lisa was already all over this- she not only had the story on her Facebook page, but had also “twittered”, had contacted WTOC who ran the story last night on TV and then posted the story on their website www.wtoc.com, who then contacted the folks at the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf Tournament in case they had seen the puppy ( who was supposedly been seen there) the connections just go on and on.

GOOD NEWS! The puppy has been found! Read the story below and thank you to all of you who twittered, facebooked and helped find this puppy!
“Missing guide dog found and re-united
(‘Wednesday, April 22, 2009 2:13 PM EST’, ”, true);
Apr 22, 2009 2:13 PM EDT

By Christy Hutchingsbio email
SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – The search for Ronin, a 14-week-old black lab and guide dog in training, is over. Ronin was re-united with the Guide Dog Foundation at the Christian Revival Center on 37th and Bull Streets thanks to Latoya Jones.
Latoya Jones found Ronin early Tuesday morning when the dog started following her. She took him home and Wednesday morning saw the story on WTOC. Wednesday afternoon she contacted the Guide Dog Foundation.
Ronin was lost when his caretaker was involved in an overnight with an accident on Montgomery Street and I-16. She was taken to the hospital, with non-life threatening injuries, Tuesday morning after being hit by a box truck while trying to cross the street. See: Accident sends pedestrian to hospital.
Witnesses say they saw Ronin running from the scene.”