Walking with Ruby



On Saturday I was one of 3,000 fellow walkers who showed up for Savannah’s first ever Susan G.Koman Breast Cancer walk. A glorious day in downtown Historic Savannah- blue skies, sunshine , no humidity and thousands of like minded people of all ages, sizes , shapes and physical condition. We began the race right in front of the beautiful Telfair Museum/ Jepson Center with Paula Deen kicking off the race. What a cheerful voice she has! When she yelled out Good Morning Savannah, we ALL yelled right back Good Morning! The walk took us through several of the Savannah Squares , weaving in and out of the streets, admiring the scenery and really proud of ourselves just to be all together and working to raise money so we can finally cure breast cancer in our life times.
Equally as inspiring was meeting Ruby. As a fan of several reality TV shows, I’d seen this great show last year and was THRILLED to literally look over to my left before the race began and there stood Ruby!!! Ruby is a Savannah woman who is on a huge weight loss journey- she’s lost over half her body weight, but in the past year of the show, has lost over 100 pounds. Yesterday the My Style TV crew was there to film this year’s season opener with Ruby walking her 1st ever 5K event. Ruby is beautiful, both inside and out and was so delighted that so many people recognized her and were coming over to meet her. She gave us all hugs, thanked us for all our good words and thoughts. She was surrounded by a number of women of all shapes and sizes there to also walk their first 5K and support ridding the world of Breast Cancer. After I finished the walk, I stayed around to be part of the crowd cheering Ruby on when she walked over the finish line. The roar was tremendous!! Visit her website to learn more about Ruby and her journey and let’s keep supporting our local friends!



I walked yesterday to honor my Mom who has now passed her 5 year mark as a Breast Cancer survivor and I walked to keep the research moving forward so we never have to keep dealing with this disease. Thank you to all of you who were out there walking and those of you who were supporting us all!