Respecting us Middle Aged Mermaids

I know I”m middle aged- 53 years old in anyone’s books is middle aged. I went thru my closet recently and decided I needed some new clothes – not to be younger, but to be wearing something other then yoga clothes or shorts and a Tybee Bomb Squad Baseball Cap… I’m not sure what I”m going to start wearing, but I really decided I needed to spend some money on clothes.. I also have been looking at myself in the mirror and realized that despite taking good care of myself, my I do look middle aged. It’s just how life is- you reach a certain time in your life where you’re not young any longer…. When I was on Anna Maria Island I came across an artist who billed herself as a “Middle Aged Mermaid Artist” and I thought – yep- that’s me- I too am a middle aged mermaid.
Then the 47 year old Susan Boyle came onto the world stage. In the past 24 hours, I’ve received from my sister the YouTube video , heard her on everything from The Today Show, NBC Nightly News and just now Larry King on CNN. There have been over 13 Million hits on the YouTube Video. She is everywhere… But you have to listen to her speak, not just sing. When she was interviewed today by Matt Lauer, she says that she knew she had talent, but just never had a chance to show the world what she had. “I just kept going because that’s what you do in life. You don’t give up, you just keep moving forward.” Then tonight when Larry King asked her if she was going to change her looks- she replied- “Why should I? This is who I am!”
I, like the rest of the world, have a huge grin on my face hearing her sing, hearing her self confidence and best of all, knowing her middle aged life is becoming all she has ever wanted.
I’ve also decided what’s wrong with wearing only yoga clothes, shorts and a baseball cap! I bet most working adults wish this is how they too could conduct business every day! Thank you Susan Boyle for reminding me to watch out world for us middle aged mermaids!
Take a few mintues and listen to this incredible YouTube clip of Susan…