Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

The baby birds have hatched


You really can’t see in these pictures- but there is a very unique looking bird’s nest. It’s built from twigs and branches like an osprey nest but much smaller. The bird that built the next hangs out in my front yard, drinks in my bird bath and watches my front door and all the comings and goings. The babies have hatched! I saw two or three little fuzzy chicks sitting on the edge of the nest yesterday. The mom was else where but the babies are either waiting to learn to fly or also just watching everything that happens on my street ( and believe me right now my street is a very interesting place to watch and observe!) The bird is very odd, Michael Boddine our technology guru and I were trying to figure out what she is and my camera couldn’t pick up her up in my pictures. She’s a dark purple with little tufts on her head and about the size of a duck ( but she looks more like a small heron or egret) I’ll hopefully be able to capture her on film better next time. I hope I can also see the babies better today!

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