Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Oh yeah, we do live on an island surrounded by water…

One of my promises this summer is to get out and enjoy the water which surrounds us. I sometimes forget we’re on an island! This past week I did two things really, really fun. Kayaking with Suzanne off her pier on Horsepen Creek and …… Paddle Boarding! 

The first three pictures are of our group on taken on the North Beach with our boards. The class was conducted jointly by the Savannah Yoga Center.  http://www.savannahyoga.com/ and High Tide Surf Shop here on Tybee. We first did an hour class on the beach to get limber, strong and balanced ( watching the dolphins swim off shore was just an added bonus!) Then we took these big wide paddle boards and our paddles and learned how to get up on the board and then paddle around. Balance is the number one skill to have and yoga is a great teacher to learn and keep that balance. The water felt so good and warm that you honestly didn’t mind falling in one bit. GREAT GREAT Class and I highly recommend the class!



The other pictures are of Suzanne’s dock on Horsepen Creek which is just a few blocks from my cottage. We put the kayaks right in off her dock, paddled down the creek towards the back river and then paddled over to Little Tybee. The tide was high so it was very easy to paddle. After we got back, Suzanne who is a great cook we sat on her dock and enjoyed her literally fresh from the creek shrimp she made into shrimp salad. We kept looking for dolphins but no luck though we did paddle right by two dolphins in the Back River. Heaven on earth!

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