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Month: June 2009

Tybee’s very own produce stand

We are thrilled and found yet another reason why NOT to leave the island once you cross over the Lazeretto Creek Bridge…. our very own produce stand featuring local and regional organic fruits and vegetables. Libby Bacon and her family have taken on this project and we are truly delighted. The stand just opened up last weekend and is open every day from 11AM- 7PM. Located right beside the High Tide Surf Shop ( the best place to buy a bathing suit – even for middle aged mermaids) and the logo was created by our artist friend Jill who’s beautiful art is featured at SeaSide Sisters ( I told you we were all connected somehow on this island!)
Be sure you support this great little local business and shop like the Europeans do- you visit your local market and see what’s fresh and then create your dinner from today’s selection! Enjoy.

Tom’s Fresh Fish!

Tom who is not only the co owner of Breeze Inn but also known to many bloggers and readers as Mr. Mary Kay ( visit to read of Tom’s many adventures) is also my fresh fish supplier! Tom loves to fish, Mary Kay and family aren’t big fish eater fans, Tom is a very good fisherman and catches fish and as a responsible fisherman, only keeps certain fish which finds their way to my kitchen.

Saturday night was the opportunity to cook some of Tom’s fish- flounder and trout were on the menu and were just delicious! Simple to prepare- dip in 1 fresh organic egg, then dip in Panko bread crumbs ( japense style bread crumbs) and then quickly cook in olive oil. Yum, yum, yum!

These pictures show Tom with the fish on the boat and then the fish in the frying pan! Doesn’t get much fresher then that.

Thanks Tom ! Keep fishing!