Buc-ees- Excellance in Rest rooms and Turkey Jerky

I love people who really love what they do and even better, take great pride in excelling. We found a rest stop on steroids- Buc-ees on the I 10 interstate on the outskirts of San Antonio who does what they do so very, very well.

They have a gas station and rest stop along the lines of South of the Border on the border of North and South Carolina, but this is Texas style. Just like Walmart, they have greeters who direct you to where you need to go. Need one of any type of jerky- right this way. Need tshirts- right this way. Need a yummy jalepeno sausgae cheese biscuit hot from our ovens- right this way.

The bathrooms are clean and fresh, the gas affordable and between the three of us- we spent close to $150!!! Not including the gas! Be sure you check it out if you’re in their neighborhood. As their slogan says ” Everything you ever needed, You just didn’t know it!”