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Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Mermaid Sightings

I’ve been missing in action from my blogging the past 10 days or so, sometimes life just gets in the way! Mom’s wonderful visit had come to an end on Tybee and I needed to take her back home. On the first leg of the road trip North, I tripped on an un even sidewalk and fell. All the things in my arms flew everywhere and I literally was on the sidewalk howling in pain. The funniest part of this- a man went jogging by and yells out ” Good morning!”. I looked at him with a crazy look on my face and he just smiled and kept running! Oh well.

Long story short, the trip made a sidebar visit to North Carolina to see a doctor ( thank you Lynda for all your help!) then two days later made it to Delaware to take mom home. Then just with trying to keep up with all the many wonderful inquiries and just handling the business long distance, blogging has not been my number one goal.

However , the Mermaid sightings are rolling in! Thank you to Margo and Melissa for your pictures! Keep sending all the unique and specials ladies you all keep finding around the country.

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