Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

The Carnival has come to town this weekend!

Spring has truly sprung on Tybee.  The flowers are in full bloom, azaleas everywhere are pinks and reds and whites.  The lilacs are purple everywhere you look hanging from the trees.  I even saw a couple of pairs of Green Herons looking for places to nest. Sadly, the pair from last year has not nested in my palm trees, but I’m still hoping they’ll return.  At least I know what they look like!

Best of all- the carnival has come to town. No,, not the usual Tybee Circus of daily quirky characters living their lives, but a real carnival just like they created last summer for The Last Song.   This picture is from the movie, but we still have in the parking lot of the Ocean Plaza Hotel a carnival with rides and games and family fun.  I rode down last night to check it out and it really was quite special.  The lights, the music, the happy kids.  I’m planning to ride the ferris wheel myself tommorrow!

In keeping with The Last Song events, some local Tybee restaurants have also put together a seafood festival on the pier on Saturday.  The weather is perfect- still having blue skies and sunshine and NO HUMIDITY!   Visit their website to learn more about the “1st Annual 37th  Tybee Seafood Festival”   The locals are planning to show off how great Tybee Seafood is to our full house of visitors.   We have more guests here from all over the country then ever before and the island is smiling at all of them.  Enjoy!

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