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Tybee’s Amazing AJ’s Dockside Restaurant

Like all coastal communities, restaurants come and go. Tybee is no exception. However, really good restaurants that serve excellent food, have friendly and good wait staff and most of all have owners that really care survive slow winters and even worse- really busy spring and summer season.  AJ’s here on Tybee is in the later category.

The two owners- Alan and Jackie Burns live “above the store” and this is what they do. Run a really good operation.  The location has something to do with their sucess, it sits on Chatham Ave and 14th street directly on the Back River so the sunset watching is just like Mallory Square in Key West, but with better food and not all the street performers.  The sunset is the same show and just as good.  AJ’s also sits in the middle of the neighborhood which I personally love.  If I lived right next door, I may not love it so much, but I think part of the sucess is that it’s sorta tucked away and so many people can walk there. Which is a good thing because last night parking was truly at a premimum. Cars were parked everywhere and the wait was at least 2 hours last night. No one really seemed to care and the mood was good natured all around. I guess it’s because people know the food is so good it’s worth the wait.  That crispy scored flounder alone is worth it!

I know all this because while out walking Danny I saw two of my favorite  local couples coming to eat dinner there- Nancy and Tony and Chris and Pat.   I was especially happy to see Tony and Nancy because our guide dog puppy prior to Berkeley that we sponsor was names Tony to honor their son they lost two years ago.   I had an update on Tony- he’s finished his inital work with his puppy raiser and has gone back to Guide Dog training at the Southeastern Guide Dog School.   Tony commented on what a big strong dog he’d become and I said- of course- he’s a Petrea!  Both Big Tony and Little Tony are/ were big guys and it makes sense that the puppy Tony would grow up the same way!

Tony and Nancy had some great news to share- their son Mason is engaged to be married. Many of you know Mason – he works with Tybee Island Plumbing and since many of our cottages are older cottages, they tend to receive visits from TI Plumbing!   Tony told me she is not from here.  I said- Tony- you mean you’re letting Mason marry a Yankee??   Tony looked at me and said- no, we say she’s a Midwestener. Sounds so much better!   I laughed and agreed!

Congrats to the whole family and I’ll keep everyone updated when Tony graduates from Guide Dog School. Tony and Nancy both would like to attend the graduation so we’ll share all this joyous news when it happens

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