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I”ve found that now that we are in season , I am very busy just handling the day to day business of working with our potential guests and our existing guests making sure they are all set and going to have the best possible Mermaid Cottage Experience they can.   We have a great team, but this still is my business and each and every one of my guests are indeed just that- guests to my homes. Doesn’t matter if the homes have different owners, you all are coming to MY homes in my mind! Crazy I know, but it’s how I think.  Example- we have the most delightful repeat guests flying over from Ireland to visit their son, grandkids and one of their 6 Daughters who are in the States.   We all know what happened in Iceland ( though I truly hadn’t turned TV on since last Thursday and was shocked when someone said at the Savannah Breast Cancer walk on Saturday about the Volcano!) and this has of course affected travel.

Mr. Coogan picks up the phone and calls me regularly from Ireland ( doesn’t that just fascinate you!  Your cell phone rings and it’s someone calling you from half a world away!) with updates- seems the volcano is still so un predictable they don’t know when they will be arriving!  Good thing his daughter is here from Boston and enjoying Tybee Daze!   We’re keeping our fingers crossed they’ll be here on Tybee safe and sound soon.

My long winded point to this is that I am so busy right now I’m not able to Blog on a daily basis like I so enjoy.  However I have found a work around!   If you notice on the right side of the blog- there is my Twitter updates.   Twitter must have been custom made for ADD Adults like me that love the 140 character limit so you can get your thoughts out short and sweet.  I am “tweeting” at least once a day on quick updates on Tybee, what’s happening- using this for all sorts of reasons.  So even if the Blog has a week old post- I still have a tweet that is brand new and current.

Another way to stay in touch with us is via our Mermaid Cottages Facebook page.  If you’re on Facebook  you can go to Mermaid Cottages and “friend” Mermaid Cottages.  Unlike other businesses on Facebook, I have “friends” not “fans”.  Friends seem so much friendlier!

I’ll keep on Blogging but if you need your daily Tybee Fix, please read the tweets on my blog ( or follow me on Twitter under Mermaid Cottages ) and visit us on Facebook.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures- I took these with my little blackberry camera in my phone- this is the front of Mermaid Manor.  Aren’t these flowers just wonderful!

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