OCTOBER Live Like a Local: Star Gazing on the Pier

     Whether or not you are a full time Tybee resident, there are tons for ways to feel like you are! The City of Tybee always has something going on and you are always welcome to join in the fun!

     This evening the Ogelthorp Astronomical Association will be on the Pier at sunset for their Public Observing program. If you have never had the chance to see the heavens through a high-powered telescope, this is your chance! The OAA is a group for anyone interested in space science and astronomy and they have been active here in the Savannah area for 35 years. The group comes out to Tybee once a month to set up their equipment and the group members are always happy to chat with passers by. They are glad to discuss anything from the basics of astronomy to what’s happening in the night sky at the moment, and even how you can become an OAA member if you like! You can get more information by visiting the Oglethrope Astronomical Association website or the event listing here on the City of Tybee event page.
     So, weather permitting, why not make plans to live like a local and do a little Tybee star gazing!