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slow down with mermaid cottages

Slow Down This Fall With Mermaid Cottages

Slow down this fall with Mermaid Cottages. Say what you may, 2020 has taught us we can live, work, learn and play from anywhere.  One of the best ways to experience Tybee Island is to live like a local. Fall for a staycation that’s close to home so you can enjoy the road trip. Then, slow down your your day. With no commuting to work or school, you can zoom call and virtual learn with our free high speed Internet, a brand standard. That leaves more time to eat, drink and be merry all around Tybee Island and Savannah. Slow down to accelerate your love of our cottage charm and coastal calm. Here are four Mermaid Cottages that will get you there in no time. …

Birds Of A Feather Flock To Tybee In Winter

mona's pelicanWhen the weather outside gets frightful, birds of a feather flock to Tybee in Winter!  Hey, y’all, it’s time for the annual migration of snowbirds from the north and our island is right smack dab in the middle of the flight path.  Mermaid Cottages always looks forward to November, December, January and February when we can welcome old friends and frequent return guests for the quiet season.

At first, our beloved snowbirds touch down with that iced up, frown-frozen, zombie stare and they just want to curl up in their cottages with our free Wi-Fi Internet, premium TV channels, great books, games and videos collections.  As they thaw and start to venture out, the lure of eco tours, boat charters, fishing, hiking, cycling, kayaking, shopping, dining, live theater and music, and voluntourism opportunities bring forth a spring within each of them.  Tybee becomes just the right place to be!

birds of a feather flock to tybee in winter

Most Mermaid Cottages are pet friendly, so pack up your wag pack and bring them, too.  You’ll enjoy …

What’s In Your Tybee Beach Bag?

what's in your Tybee beach bag
Photo by Margo Cook

Yes, we see all you lucky folks out on the beach and we’ve been thinking, “What’s in your Tybee Beach Bag?”  Every day is a fashion show and some folks come prepared to spend the entire day without having to miss a moment in the sun.  Some are reading, some are napping, some get the munchies while others pull out a multi-course meal.  And, there’s the actual beach bag itself.  Here are some packing tips that are sure to help make your time on the beach cool and breezy.

* Choose a sturdy beach bag big enough to hold all of your items.  Keep in mind if you’re planning to keep some things chilled or warm.

* Decide if you’ll lay out on a beach towel or if you’d prefer a beach chair and an umbrella.

* Remember to pack toys, sporting equipment, sunscreen , sunglasses, hat and caps.

* Place your towels in the bottom of the bag, first, and then any books or heavy items followed by lighter miscellaneous items and then your hot/cold items in separate bags and inside a lunch box last. …

Acting Out On Tybee Island

Acting classes on Tybee IslandThere’s no such thing as acting out on Tybee Island.  To us, there’s nothing too strange or unusual or too over the top.  About the only thing that perplexes us is why anyone would want to be normal?  Well, for those of you who might get a “You ain’t acting right” comment from folks you see every day, we have a great solution.  How about acting classes for adults right here on Tybee Island?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays in February you can take the stage and emote your little heart out.  Each session is from 5 pm-7 pm and the cost for the eight sessions is $100.  Tell your shrink to take a hike for the month and become a super star.  For more info and registration, please call Renee’ DeRosset (912) 596-4992 or Kim Trammell (912) 228-0357.

And, for all you “Method” actors, let Mermaid Cottages set the scene.  We have cozy, restored and historic cottages available all the way back to 1897.  Just pick your favorite era and we’ll help you feature your best side from the 20s, 30s. 40s, 50s and more.  Just think.  You could even schedule a beach ecology tour to take you out to Little Tybee where you can swath yourself in billowy white and then imagine yourself as Lawrence of Arabia (no, you can’t strip our linens off the bed to get your Sheik freak on)!

Little Tybee photo by Carol Martin

What better place to learn how to act than here where our islanders do it so naturally.  You won’t find a better collection of characters for inspiration and there’s not too much you can do that will elicit stares of haughty derision from passers-by.  Isn’t it time you take command of the role for which you were born to play?  We’re always acting out on Tybee Island and we’re ready for your close-up.

The labs of mermaid cottages

We love our labs. Chocolate , yellow, black. We love them all. Yes we are crazy dog people. Updates on two of our special dogs. Knight is back at the guide dog foundation in smithtown,ny and starting his harness training. He has all the makings of successfully completely guide dog training. We are all keeping our fingers crossed!

Toby is the chocolate lab who was in the kill sheltar here in savannah. He had terrible manage and was a big rowdy teenage dog. Lots of energy and no one wanted to adopt him. Manage looks terrible but is very treatable. We pulled him from the sheltar and fostered him until the very kind folks at Florida Lab Rescue offered to find him a home! So we drove him to Florida and they will have him on their website and help him find his for ever home!

We love our labs!


Knight with his guide dog school trainer


The letter from the guide dog school


Toby riding to florida to meet the Florida lab rescue folks!