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Ghost Dogs of Bonaventure Cemetery

It’s October…the perfect time for spooky stories! The Savannah area is no stranger to the spirit world…we are The Most Haunted City in America after all!
Did you know legend has it that the Bonaventure Cemetery is prowled by a pack of ghostly K-9s? There have been reports of visitors to the cemetery feeling as if they are being followed! Though no one has ever seen the dogs, and there is no physical evidence of them, visitors still say growling, barking, and the frenzied sound of rushing paws can be heard.

Now, locals know that lack of physical evidence doesn’t mean it’s just your imagination. Savannah is teeming with other worldly visitors, some more easily heard than seen. So, next time you’re in the area, take time to explore and learn about our haunted history! Happy Haunting!

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