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Are There Mermaids In Scotland?

Are there Mermaids in Scotland?

You bet! We have the photographs to prove it!

Our wonderful Mermaid Melissa and Mermaid Judy and their mermen recently took a trip of a lifetime from our little hamlet by the sea all the way to the United Kingdom where they made their way through Scotland to Loch Ness and to Invergarry Castle.  Wherever they went they were admired, but was it for their obvious beauty or was because of what they were wearing?   Hmmm.

Now you can sport our signature Mermaid Tees, too.  Of course, we hope you’ll come visit soon and pick one up (or more) while you’re here, but if you can’t wait just get yours from Seaside Sisters!



They have our beautiful Mermaid Cottages Tees

and, for all our pet lovers, these fantastic Beach Bum Biscuits Tees

 But why choose?  Get both!

This year Mermaid Cottages wants to spotlight products and services created and produced here and we want to encourage everyone to take the time to look closer at purchases we all make.  We’ll be sharing our favorite Made In America goods and we hope you will, too.

Each of us has the power to affect change and to take an active part in creating jobs and stimulating the economy.  We’ll start the ball rolling by announcing that Mermaid Cottages is offering Gift Certificates for stays in our cozy cottages and historic homes.  You can purchase Mermaid Cottages Gift Certificates in any denomination or you can design your own Gift Certificate for an entire stay.  We can even help you with Gift Certificates for specific cottages!  And, don’t forget you can even purchase our world famous Mermaid Cottages Morning Bliss Coffee, our all natural Beach Bum Biscuits Dog Treats, our Note Cards and Calendars created by celebrated artist Fifi Flowers and how about our new J-Prons!


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