Mermaid Sightings Anyone?

Here at Mermaid Cottages, we just love seeing mermaids from all over the place, not just here on Tybee Island. If you’ve read our blog, you might have seen a few mermaid sightings here and there because, when we find one, we love to share!

It’s a lot of work to find mermaids all by ourselves, so we would love your help! Mermaids of all shapes, sizes, and sorts are everywhere if you keep your eyes peeled. If you spot one, snap a picture!

We’d love to hear about your sighting! Please send us your mermaid pictures and stories and we’ll share them with our Mermaid Nation, right here on our blog! You can send your mermaid sightings to We can’t wait to see what you discover out there. Mermaids can (and do) pop up in the most unlikely places! We look forward to hearing from you!