Have You Seen A Mer-Elf?

L-R Mer-Elf Jan, Margo from Fish Camp, Mer-Elf Denise

Our Mermaids (and Mermen!) are wonderful and magical and have special powers, including the ability to morph into Mer-Elves during the holiday season.  They flit and flitter throughout the island spreading Christmas joy and cheer.

Some of our cottage owners like to join in, too, and after a little Swish! Swish! Poof! it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  From The Paula Deen Retail Store‘s new kitchen utensil ornaments and holiday wreaths from Seaside Sisters to Mary Kay Andrews\’ signature bike with lights,  Mermaid Cottages’ holiday style is our gift to you!

And, how could dear old Santa be sure to find our little hamlet by the sea without the fantasy of lights at Fish Camp Cottage that owner Margo Cook creates every year?  Tybee has been transformed into a winter wonderland…with a salty seaside flavor, of course!  Yes, Tybee.  There are Mer-Elves!