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Are YOU Pinning Yet?

Are you pinning yet?

Have you ever wanted a place to collect all your favorite things on the web? We sure did…and we found it! Have you checked out Pinterest, yet? No? Well, what the heck are you waiting for!

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, like a cork board on the internet! Pinterest allows you to organize and share all your favorite things from around the web. It’s a wonderful way to have an inspiration board without taking up desk or wall space!

Come follow our Mermaid Sightings Board!

You can discover new things by checking out pinboards made by other people, follow your friends’ boards, and pin your own findings to boards you create! Be warned, it is totally addicting! We couldn’t help ourselves once we started; you really can spend hours day dreaming and pinning! Check out their Help Section, it helps out a lot when you are new and need to learn what everything is all about.

Join us on the Mermaid Cottages Pinterest Profile!

Do you have a Pinterest account, yet? Well, we sure do! That’s right, now you can follow Mermaid Cottages on Pinterest! Head on over to our Mermaid Cottages Pinterest Profile and follow us! We have boards about all our favorite things, from mermaids to Savannah things. It’s all there! Pick one board, or follow them all. We’re just excited about this new, fun way to share everything we love with you, our fans! We hope to see you over on Pinterest! Now, let’s start pinning!

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