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Mermaid Sighting: Sock Monkey Mermaids!

Mermaids are unique beings,to say the least, but BOY do these sightings take unique and quirky to an entirely new level! Our own Mermaid Melissa sent us this first sighting, but the subject was so intriguing, we had to search further!

“I was pinning to my Mermaids pinboard on Pinterest and came across something that combined two of my favorite things! Mermaids…and sock monkeys! I couldn’t resist, I had to share this with you. Just the idea screamed Tybee Quirk to me!” ~Melissa S.


How awesome is THAT?!

Isn’t that amazing?! Who doesn’t love sock monkeys? Pinterest is SO amazing; there’s no telling what you might see! We were so excited about this little sock monkey, we wondered if there was a secret society of these wonderful creatures…and we were right! Look at all these Sock Monkey Mermaids!

Scooter the Sock Monkey Mermaid

This cool fella was featured on the Camp Sock Monkey blog. They said it was “Scooter’s Sock Monkey Mermaid yarn art by Sappymoosetree.” So cute!

This lovely sock monkey was handmade by Lisa, author of the blog The House of Hullabaloo. There’s a wonderful story behind this beautiful art doll, so be sure to head over to the post and read all about it!

Oh, we do love these little creatures! Look at this diva! You can check out this precious sock monkey mermaid and loads more over at SockMonkeyClub.net. Don’t you just love those sun glasses?!

And last, but certainly not least, is Mara the Mermaid Sock Monkey! This beautiful colored pencil drawing is by the wonderfully talented Marisa Hopkins of Abilene, Texas. Mara can be found in Marisa’s Etsy shop, Elegant Snobbery, along with loads of other fabulous, whimsy art and illustrations. What talent!

Melissa, thank you so much for your sighting; it lead to some wonderful discoveries! Mermaid Sock Monkeys, who knew!

Have you spotted a mermaid? They come in all shapes and sizes! If you have a sighting you would like to share, please send your sighting and story to us at diane@mermaidcottages.com. We’d love to share your sighting with the world!



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