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What’s Your Connection Preferance?

What’s your connection preference?

What's Your Connection Preference?

Mermaid Cottages is proud to provide free, high-speed internet as a brand standard in each of our cottages and we’d like to know:  How do you prefer to connect?

Do you prefer a Secured Internet Connection where you must input a pass code to secure your connection or do you prefer an Unsecured Internet Connection where you just log in without a pass code?

What's Your Connection Preference?

We want to make sure you stay as connected as you want to be and that our brand standards meet your standards!  Tell us what you think by participating in our Facebook Poll!

Mermaid Cottages is proud to provide free high-speed internet access in each of our cottages as a brand standard.  We’d like to know if you prefer a Secure Internet Connection with a pass code or an Unsecured Internet Connection without a pass code?

We’ll be watching online for your responses, or better yet, why not come visit Tybee For The Holidays and let us know in person!

What's Your Connection Preference?



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