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Tybee and The Real Barkhounds of Tybee Island

Our pet guests are always welcome at Mermaid Cottages and we love to hear from them in between visits.  We call them The Real Barkhounds of Tybee Island!

 Tybee and the Real Barkhouds of Tybee Island

“Remember me?? My family and I stayed at Inlet Breeze over the 4th of July 2007. I know it has been a long time since then!  … I have continued to follow your business on Facebook and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the growth you have had! The homes look great!! I cannot wait to get back to Tybee!!

The reason for my email is to let you know how much a one week stay on Tybee and your generosity changed my life. I have spent the past several years in the dog show world learning about and showing Collies. My very first Collie was born in May 2011 and I named her Cayuga’s Isle of Hope. Her call name is Tybee. Cayuga because of the great memories I have of Cornell and Isle of Hope because at the time of her birth she was my hope in making it big in the dog show world. I named her Tybee because Tybee Island is the last place my family and I were together as a family. In October, Tybee obtained her championship and is currently working towards her Grand Championship. This little girl brings so much joy into my life and each time I look at her and say her name I am reminded of the last time I was truly happy.

I want to thank you so much for spending that hour back in July 2006 showing my Grandmother and I one of your homes. It is because of your kind words that we ended up at Inlet Breeze in 2007. And it is because of that trip that I now have my Tybee.

I know this is a bit of a rambling email but I just wanted to say thank you. I have included a picture of Tybee. Hopefully, Tybee Island can be as proud of my Tybee as I am!!!!

Again, thank you so much!”


Tybee Island and the Real Barkhounds of Tybee Island
Our pet guests love Inlet Breeze!

Nicole, you can be sure we are just as proud of your Tybee and we appreciate your support of our pet friendly cottages!  Tybee Island is a magical place and having a namesake is such an honor.  It’s really something to bark about!


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