Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Mermaids Who Create At Mermaid Cottages

We invite Mermaids Who Create to come visit Mermaid Cottages during the off season and it’s always a joy to hear about their inspirations! Mermaids Who Creat At Mermaid Cottages “Bob and I enjoyed FISH CAMP COTTAGE so very much! Thank you all who made it possible!

 Inside the cottage and outside is very inspiring! The niche with the lattice work, with the yellow golden chairs kept calling my name!  The vibrant colors inside and out made my heart break into song!   …loved the colors of the outdoor shower… and the outside lights! The screened in porch, kept calling my name and I gladly responded! The beauty, the peace, ambience…complete with fishnet, lights… and items from the sea… all welcomed me.  ALSO… all those pens just ready for one to write ideas… AND BOOKS!!! Books everywhere… except for the master bath! LOL… Mermaids Who Create At Mermaid Cottages BOOKS!  Books everywhere… it was if I had fallen into Alice’s wonderland hole!   …surfacing — returning to the real world was NOT so easy… however I brought home memories, ideas, and thoughts galore!  Also I enjoyed the Marshes of Glynn, which radiates a beauty of their own. Sunsets were awesome and the weather, after the first night’s rain and fog was lovely.  The weather: perfect! Of course we visited Tybee Light, and Fort Screven, enjoyed other areas of Tybee also. We saw Michael the cat, at the lighthouse, dozing on top of an SUV our first day there but   …Miss Kitty never put in an appearance for us, even though we visited more than once! Mermaids Who Create At Mermaid Cottages I could write chapter after chapter about Fish Camp Cottage… each room exuded it’s own dairy of tales…  I thank all of you who made possible, “Mermaids who create…” that I was eligible to be involved in this exciting adventure! Betsy P.S.    YES!  I saw YOUR FISH CAMP in the book on COTTAGES! Now back to the story I’m writing…” Thank you, Betsy!  We’re so happy you enjoyed your Mermaids Who Create RetreatMermaid Cottages is proud to support the arts and to promote Tybee Island as an arts community! Mermaids Who Create At Mermaid Cottages

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