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My love affair with jimmy Buffett

I am so happy tonight! Sitting in Jacksonville Florida in a luxury box thanks to my friend joy about to watch a jimmy Buffett concert. The three folks i’m with have never seen one of his shows. I honestly can’t remember how many this has been for me. I do know I I tarted seeing him every summer during college in Columbia Maryland at Merriweather Post Pavilion. That has to be 35 years ago.

I remember taking my daughter Katie to see him when she was in third grade. I’ve seen him in Atlanta at the old amphitheater south of the airport. I’ve seen him with friends who were so drunk they threw up walking up to the seats. So I’ve seen him in every possible situation.

My favorite part is when the entire audience sings along with him and especially when we all do fins to the left…. The crowd is ready and jimmy is about to come on stage. Getting ready for. Couple of hours of pure fun.

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