Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

January 2013

Next Sunday!

Well it’s official. Sunday night is the best night on tv. Homeland is over till the fall but thank goodness Downton Abbey started in early January. I adore Homeland, the great story lines, brilliant riding and incredible characters. But I’m now completely hooked on my friends at Downton. And yes they are my friends. Both the upstairs and downstairs people. Tonight took my breath away and the sadness was felt all over America!

Next Sunday is Super Bowl and I love Super Bowl. But 9pm is Downton time so let’s hope those ravens win by 9pm…..

Mermaids Who Create At Mermaid Cottages

We invite Mermaids Who Create to come visit Mermaid Cottages during the off season and it’s always a joy to hear about their inspirations! Mermaids Who Creat At Mermaid Cottages “Bob and I enjoyed FISH CAMP COTTAGE so very much! Thank you all who made it possible!

 Inside the cottage and outside is very inspiring! The niche with the lattice work, with the yellow golden chairs kept calling my name!  The vibrant colors inside and out made my heart break into song!   …loved the colors of the outdoor shower… and the outside lights! The screened in porch, kept calling my name and I gladly responded! The beauty, the peace, ambience…complete with fishnet, lights… and items from the sea… all welcomed me.  ALSO… all those pens just ready for one to write ideas… AND BOOKS!!! Books everywhere… except for the master bath! LOL… …

Tybee and The Real Barkhounds of Tybee Island

Our pet guests are always welcome at Mermaid Cottages and we love to hear from them in between visits.  We call them The Real Barkhounds of Tybee Island!

 Tybee and the Real Barkhouds of Tybee Island

“Remember me?? My family and I stayed at Inlet Breeze over the 4th of July 2007. I know it has been a long time since then!  … I have continued to follow your business on Facebook and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the growth you have had! The homes look great!! I cannot wait to get back to Tybee!! …