The labs of mermaid cottages

We love our labs. Chocolate , yellow, black. We love them all. Yes we are crazy dog people. Updates on two of our special dogs. Knight is back at the guide dog foundation in smithtown,ny and starting his harness training. He has all the makings of successfully completely guide dog training. We are all keeping our fingers crossed!

Toby is the chocolate lab who was in the kill sheltar here in savannah. He had terrible manage and was a big rowdy teenage dog. Lots of energy and no one wanted to adopt him. Manage looks terrible but is very treatable. We pulled him from the sheltar and fostered him until the very kind folks at Florida Lab Rescue offered to find him a home! So we drove him to Florida and they will have him on their website and help him find his for ever home!

We love our labs!


Knight with his guide dog school trainer


The letter from the guide dog school


Toby riding to florida to meet the Florida lab rescue folks!