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The Pink Train Rolls Into Tybee

Paint Georgia Pink TrainIt’s Mardi Gras this weekend and even our guests are joining us for the parade.  Come enjoy the fun as the Pink Train rolls into Tybee!  Our Mermaid guests staying at Basking Under The Tybee Sun are from Paint Georgia Pink.  They’ll be in this year’s Tybee Mardi Gras parade again with Savannah Waste & Recycling’s Pink Train.

“We are here promoting our September 20, 2014 event, the Paint Coastal Georgia Pink Man Olympics and 5k Walk for Breast Cancer.   Man Olympics has been described as “Field Day for Grown-Ups”.  Guys (and women too!) will compete in events such as Washers, Football Toss, Putt-Putt, Darts,  Corn Hole, Basketball Free Throw, and Horse Shoes.  While they are competing, we will also take a 5k Walk around beautiful Tybee Lighthouse to raise funds and bring awareness to Tybee Island.  Although our event takes place on Tybee, we are raising money to benefit The Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial University Medical Center.    More information is available on our website, www.PaintGeorgiaPink.org.     We look forward to another wonderful stay with our fabulous hosts, Mermaid Cottages!”

Paint Georgia Pink Team

“Paint Georgia Pink’s mission is to help with direct assistance to those in  need that are uninsured, under insured and under served in the state of Georgia and who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Paint Georgia Pink continually strives to provide funds to local hospital  foundations for distribution to  patients with breast cancer who find  they have to make a decision between paying their day to day bills and  paying for treatment. Funds raised provide direct assistance to paying  for things like groceries, transportation to treatment costs and  sometimes even utility bills. We do not believe anyone fighting for  their lives against breast cancer should have chose between a roof over  their heads or the treatment they so desperately need. We have found a  vital area of immediate need that is not being covered by other breast  cancer organizations.”
Paint Georgia Pink Train
We’re so happy to host the Paint Georgia Pink gals again this year and we’re ready to cheer as the Pink Train rolls into Tybee.  This is a wonderful way to make a difference and just one of the many ways we support Voluntourism in Tybee Island.

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