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Mermaid Mona DIY Makeover Tips

Mermaid Mona's kitty assistantWhat does a Mermaid do when she’s not “mermaiding” with our guests?  She “”mermaidizes” her personal home, too!  Our own Mona, the Virtual Mermaid, spends most days working behind the scenes to create most of the correspondence our guests receive and to keep the rest of us organized and on point.  When she’s not working on Mermaid Cottages’ projects she gets to put her talents to work in her home.  Here, Mona shares some of her DIY projects and gives us an inside look at her Mermaid Mona DIY Makover Tips!

My Sunroom and My Fun DIY Leg-Dipped Table, A Story of Rebirth

I recently decided to update my sunroom.    It’s a sunroom/fun room and it’s multi-functional as a sunroom/overflow guest room.  It features an awesome daybed and my Virtual Mermaid office, as well as being my furry family member’s favorite hangout.

Ocean View Rooms sign

Last year, I decided to remove an old sofa and to make the space functional for overflow guests.  My motivation came with the realization that I would soon have multiple family members as guests with only one true guest room.  I  needed another sleeping space, so I found the perfect daybed at World Market and cute, cute, coastal and beachy bedding at Home Goods.  I love the bright, fun colors like yellow, blue, green, coral and pink and the fun starfish, seashell and seahorse print.

daybed decor

Also at Home Goods, I found these two pet beds, which are actually large, rectangular pillows marketed as beds.  They have this wonderful starfish print that makes them perfect back pillows for the daybed (who says they have to be used as pet beds, right?).

daybed decor

And, to finish off the bedding, I found a pillow while shopping on a vacation.  It features my favorite beach sentiment, “Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses.”  The bed is now complete.

pink end table

I spray painted a cute little end table in a favorite, bright pink hue (Valspar Gloss Frosty Berry) and then I just kind of let things sit for a while.

pink console table

I kept noticing some cute ladders, chairs and other furniture on Etsy and other DIY sites.  They were painted one color on top with the legs painted a different color.  It was as if their legs had been dipped in a contrasting color.  I was inspired!  I broke out my trusty pink spray paint and went to town on an old console table.  I added a Krylon Colormaster Gloss Blue Ocean Breeze to the legs.  My inherited, 15 year old and second hand table now looks so cute out there with those colors.  I love, love, love the way it turned out.  It’s just the right accent table to round out the room.

pink console table

Next, my Virtual Mermaid work desk is topped with my large, cast iron Mermaid (she watches over things).  My desk sits opposite the daybed and most of the time this is my primary work space where all of the Virtual Mermaid magic happens.

cast iron mermaid

This room is a glassed-in sunroom with an unobstructed view of the abundant wildlife in my back yard.  My hubby is a bird enthusiast and he has placed feeders throughout the yard.  We love watching the squirrels and birds feed and frolic in the tidal creek that runs through our backyard.  We also get plenty of egrets and blue herons and the occasional pelican coming through.  They sometimes take a break on the dock and then check out the creek for a snack!

tidal creek view

I say if you’ve got to work this is a pretty perfect place to do it.  The only thing better would be if my office featured a pretty beach view!

beach decor

We keep Mona so busy we often wonder when she has time to create her beautiful DIY décor projects.  We’re so happy she does and we’re delighted to share her creations with you, too.  Have you been inspired by a stay in one of our historic and charming beach cottages?  If so, share your interpretations of our cottage charm and coastal calm and you could be featured in an upcoming Mermaid Tales blog!

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