Mermaid Mona DIY Makeover Tips

Mermaid Mona's kitty assistantWhat does a Mermaid do when she’s not “mermaiding” with our guests?  She “”mermaidizes” her personal home, too!  Our own Mona, the Virtual Mermaid, spends most days working behind the scenes to create most of the correspondence our guests receive and to keep the rest of us organized and on point.  When she’s not working on Mermaid Cottages’ projects she gets to put her talents to work in her home.  Here, Mona shares some of her DIY projects and gives us an inside look at her Mermaid Mona DIY Makover Tips!

My Sunroom and My Fun DIY Leg-Dipped Table, A Story of Rebirth

I recently decided to update my sunroom.    It’s a sunroom/fun room and it’s multi-functional as a sunroom/overflow guest room.  It features an awesome daybed and my Virtual Mermaid office, as well as being my furry family member’s favorite hangout. …