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Paint Your Fresh Air Home

Fresh Air Home Tybee IslandWhat do you call it when you volunteer during your island vacation?  It’s one of the best ways to live like a local.  This weekend, we’ve got a special opportunity for you to experience our voluntourism.  We won’t ask you to paint your wagon, but you sure can paint your Fresh Air Home in Tybee Island!

“Every summer the Fresh Air Home (FAH) opens its doors to hundreds of Savannah area children!   The mission of the Home is to improve the health of the children, to build character, and to help them grow into better men and women — both physically and morally.

To accomplish this mission, we provide enriching summer camps throughout the summer.  The Fresh Air Home is operated and maintained by the Froebel Circle which is comprised of 50 dedicated women who are committed to serving God’s children.  To learn more about the Froebel Circle, please see our “FAH History” page.

We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to better the lives of all children.  Donations are welcome!  If you would like to contribute to our cause, please see our “Funds Campaign” page for further information.”

Fresh Air Home: Tybee Beach

Beach Day at Fresh Air Home Tybee Island

Maybe you’re an “alumni” of Fresh Air Home or maybe you’re just a fan of summer camps, in general.  This is one place that really does make a difference to Savannah area children and we want it to look it’s best.  Fresh Air Home is currently looking for volunteers to help paint every Saturday during the month of May. Interested? Call (912) 786-5746 for more information.  You can even join our group of Mermaids as we volunteer this Saturday, May 10th.  We’re Voluntourists, too!

Mermaids Make A Difference

Let’s all paint your Fresh Air Home in Tybee Island and please remember to always ask about Voluntourism activities during your next visit with Mermaid Cottages.

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