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Tybee Island Jellyfish Season 2014 Is Here!


The Tybee Island Jellyfish season 2014 is here and even though most of the time they do their own thing, we must remember one thing; we are in their habitat.




You will probably see them washed up and scattered upon the shore line, but look from afar.  Without the knowledge and experience, it is very easy to still get stung by their tentacles depending on how long they’ve been out of the water.

Cannonball Jellyfish, the most common on Tybee Island
Cannonball Jellyfish, the most common on Tybee Island

If you get stung while playing in the surf, please remember a few helpful tips from the mermaids!

1. Don’t panic, but come out of the water. Most stings are harmless and will go away by the end of the day.

2. Watch for an allergic reaction. If you aren’t allergic to other types of stings, you should be okay.

3. Use wet sand to exfoliate the sting and help get the remaining tentacles off, then use salt water to rinse. NEVER use fresh water.

Jellyfish Squish
Jellyfish Squish

4. Seek out a Tybee Island Lifeguard for assistance.  They are equipped with special spray to help the stinging lessen. Also, you may want to purchase Jellyfish Squish in advance.  Jellyfish squish can be purchased at most convenient stores around and on the island. It helps a lot and can make beach trips with kids run smoother when jellyfish stings are bound to happen.

Try to remember what type of jellyfish you believe has stung you.  If it is neon blue in color, this is most likely a Portuguese Man of War and you need to notify a Tybee Island Lifeguard immediately as these will sting worse. These are few and far between on Tybee Island, but do make their appearance sometimes.

Portuguese Man of War
Portuguese Man of War

Most of all, have a great time on Tybee Island, but remember when we get into the ocean, there are many things in the ocean living and going through their natural cycle of life. Always be aware of your surroundings!

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