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Voluntourism on Tybee Island

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By Ashley Toro, Mermaid Cottages

Do you have a passion for helping people or the community? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? There are many ways to experience voluntourism on Tybee Island.

Robin-Lynne-1Tybee Island Beach Sweep If you want to get down and dirty, just join the island locals for a Tybee Beach Sweep in their efforts to keep our beaches gorgeous. We meet before sunrise to get started and walk the beaches cleaning up any trash dropped on the beach.  This aligns with our eco-friendly goals of protecting our wildlife and the natural settings of the dunes and sand.  We have a great time and what’s better than seeing the beautiful sunrise on the beach? Our next International Coastal Cleanup is September 20th.

105_3162Tybee Island’s Oceanside Nursing Home Our Seniors are important to us. Do you like meeting new people? Well our seniors do! They love talking about their lives and seeing friendly faces.  Come spend a few minutes of your vacation to volunteer with those who have many tales and life lessons to pass along. We always learn a new piece of wisdom after hearing our seniors discuss their past times.  They’re pretty funny too! They like to spill some of the things they used to do on Tybee that you wouldn’t dare get caught doing these days! Call 912-786-4511 to set up a time to volunteer.

Rising TYde Community Food Pantry The food pantry is dedicated to helping those Tybee locals in need of food assistance. If you’ve ever been to a food pantry, you know they are always in need of donations. So bring the food that won’t get used while you’re on vacation and drop it off at our community food pantry at the local YMCA.  There’s also a need for sorting and distributing food to the locals. If you would like to volunteer at the food pantry while visiting on Tybee, please contact our local YMCA at 912-786-9622.

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Tybee Light Station & Museum If you like history, then this is the place for you! The Tybee Light Station & Museum is always looking for volunteers inside and out during the daily business hours. You can arrange to volunteer for as little as a two hour shift or longer if you would like at your convenience.  To learn more about this volunteer opportunity, or to sign up for a volunteer time, please call 912-786-5801.


Voluntourism is very important to us. There are various recycle bins placed around the island so please take advantage of them if you will. Even if you’d rather not contact an organization, helping to keep our beaches, waters, and parks clean will play a big part in keeping Tybee Island the beautiful vacation spot that it is.

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