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Tybee Beach Ecology Trips

tybee beach ecology tripsBe sure to add Tybee Beach Ecology Trips to your Fall Fun list when you visit.  Pirates may be invading the island by this weekend, but a period of “spring tides” arrive first and that means the low tide level will be lower than average.  Low tide is when Dr. Joe introduces you to some of our most reclusive residents. Make your beach trip more than just a trip to the beach.  Make it a valuable experience while discovering and learning about the animals and habitats of Georgia’s beaches and barrier islands.

So, why is Tybee Beach Ecology so interesting?

  •  Overlap of cold-water and tropical species
  •   Additional species with seasonal changes
  •  Nearby rivers, estuaries, and marshes
  •  Nearby offshore reefs and hard bottoms
  •  Lots of sandy intertidal area
  •  Jetties and tide pools

tybee beach ecology trips

Tybee Beach Ecology Trips are fun ways to actively discover and learn about the variety of beach animals found along our southeastern coastline.  Travel along with noted Marine Biologist Dr. Joe Richardson where you’ll examine tide pools, pull a seine net, measure salinity, observe animal adaptations, find fossil shark teeth, and much more!

tybee beach ecology trips

Trips are arranged with groups to meet their schedules and particular desires.  These ecology excursions are great for groups of all ages and sizes, from family groups to school groups and to adult tour groups. Typical trips are 2-2.5 hours and they usually begin at North Beach near the Tybee Island Lighthouse.  Reservations are simple.  Just call Dr. Joe at (912) 596-5362 or email: joe@ceasurf.com.

tybee beach ecology trips

There are lots of reasons to Fall in love with Tybee Island and Tybee Beach Ecology Trips should be at the top of your list.  It’s another great way to enjoy our cottage charm and coastal calm.  It’s the also the time of year when temperatures are still mild and the beach is still gorgeous and you know there’s never an off time to enjoy seafood fresh from the waters around Tybee.  Book your favorite getaway with Mermaid Cottages and then get Dr. Joe on the line!

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