Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Downtown Tybee

“She is a good woman. And while the phrase is enough to set my teeth on edge, there are moments when her virtue demands admiration.”

Staying near downtown Tybee is a lot like being unto the manor born.  On Sunday nights, you can bet our Mermaids are tuned in to Downton Abbey on GPB, but the rest of the time we’re working hard behind the scenes to create a most memorable stay for you.  Our cottage charm and coastal calm is evident from the smallest cottages to our grandest raised Tybee homes.  A stay in one of our grand dames is much like an outing with the Dowager Countess Violet.  Glorious with prestige, warm with treasured history and a bit of whit and whimsy waiting to greet you around every corner.  Such is the grace of our Dutton-Waller Cottage circa 1938.

downtown tybee
“You are quite wonderful the way you see room for improvement wherever you look. I never knew such reforming zeal.”

This historic Tybee raised cottage was built by Mrs. Waller as her family’s summer home.  It has been beautifully restored and situated along the Back River District.  Our guests love the very easy walk to AJ’s Dockside Restaurant, the Alley III Kayak Launch and the Back River Fishing Pier.  It’s perched up high with a stately air that’s framed by its beautiful, fenced- in yard and adorned with baubles and treasures and local art.

downtown tybee
Lord Grantham: “We better go in soon or it isn’t fair to Mrs. Patmore.”
Countess Violet: “Oh, is her cooking so precisely timed? You couldn’t tell.”

Wouldn’t Mrs. Patmore feel right at home here in this beautiful, white kitchen?  It was named one of Southern Living’s favorite all white kitchens and featured in their April 2009 issue as Kitchen-of-the-Month.

downtown tybee
“My dear, we country dwellers must beware of being provincial. Try and let your time in London rub off on you a little more.”

Imagine Lord Grantham and Lady Mary strategizing about the future of the estate from the raised wrap around porch with view of the back river across the street.

downton tybee
“I wonder your halo doesn’t grow heavy. It must be like wearing a tiara around the clock.”

Dutton-Waller was a recipient of the Tybee Island Historic Society Preservation Award in 2006 and it was selected to be on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is lovingly preserved and conserved, so far without bargaining for without bartering for the hand of a wealthy heiress like Lady Cora!

downtown tybee
“No doubt you will regard this as rather unorthodox, my pushing into a man’s bedroom uninvited.”

The recently updated and enclosed back porch has comfortable seating and a table for six in a dreamy setting that’s surrounded by whispering palm trees.

downtown tybee
“Just because you’re an old widow, I see no necessity to eat off a tray.”

Well, don’t we all want to be royal?  By protecting and conserving these grand homes we all can be for the duration of a Winter’s getaway and on through the celebrations of Spring and Summer.  It doesn’t even matter to what station we were born.  It’s Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages.  Everyone is treated with grand affection, here!

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