Puppies On Our Shoes

puppies on our shoesWe have so much fun with our pet guests and our pet fosters and now we can even have puppies on our shoes!  We meet the most wonderful heroes working in pet rescue communities and we are very excited to share our new relationship with Pennsylvania artist Jennifer Morrison.  We met Jennifer through our Facebook friends at Scottie SalesAll items with Scotties on to buy & sell .  Jennifer creates custom shoes with your favorite pets in mind.  She most often works with Westies and Scotties, but she’s so talented she can create your shoes with your favorite pets, too.  The best part?  Jennifer donates the proceeds from her shoe sales to pet rescues, pet fosters and pets with medical needs.

pippies on our shoes

Those of us working to rescue and foster pets in need are very familiar with Jennifer’s calling.  “My husband says if I bring one more blankety-blank dog home I’m gonna be single, so me painting shoes is just a small way I can pay it forward to doggies.  I always donate a pair to online dog rescue auctions and such…I had a pair raise over $100 for a rescue, which is fantastic!  I have one pair in an auction right now for a lady who owns I think four scotties and she is in the hospital and needs help caring for her Scotties.  I am always happily painting shoes for doggies!”

puppies on our shoes

In most cases, Jennifer’s creations run about $25 plus shipping.  Sometimes, mens sizes may run a little more, as well as some creations that require more time and supplies.  You can chose silhouettes like we did or you can send Jennifer photos of your precious pets and she’ll create your shoes with their portraits.

puppies on our shoes

Our shoes arrived in very short time along with the wonderful news of how our proceeds benefitted a new mommy and her puppies.
She just had four puppies.  She got pulled from the shelter and literally started having puppies in the car! Isn’t she adorable?  This is one of the rescuers that got her.”

puppies on our shoes

I can’t imagine a day when Mermaid Cottages would ever turn down a pet who needs to be rescued or fostered and now we can help rescue even more pets in need.  Please LIKE the Scottie SalesAll items with Scotties on to buy & sell Facebook page and order your pet shoes from Jennifer (Jmyershotpink@hotmail.com orJennifer MorrisonScottie Sales – To buy & sell items with Scottie dogs on ).  Also, please LIKE and support our wonderful rescue team at One Love Animal Rescue.  Soon, you’ll have people saying, “Hey! You’re got puppies on your shoes!”  They’ll be even more spectacular if the rescue pet on your leash matches the one on your shoes!