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The Shark Tooth Fairy Is Coming To Tybee!

the shark tooth fairy is coming to tybeeThe Shark Tooth Fairy is coming to Tybee and that means more Fall fun for everyone!  Won’t it be fun to enjoy another family friendly adventure at the beach?  It’s all happening on Sunday, October 18th, so come be a part of our 1st Annual Tybee Island Shark Tooth Fossil Hunt.  This fun event is great for kids and those who are kids at heart.  It’s going to be educational and proceeds from the tickets will benefit the Tybee Island Marine Science Center.  Tickets are limited to 1000, so get yours now from the great folks at Stafford Promotions!

This shark tooth fossil hunt will take place on our beautiful North Beach and we’ll be searching for prehistoric Mako, Bull, Sand, Great White, Snaggletooth and MEGALODON sharks’ teeth.  The “Shark Tooth Fairy” himself, Mike Harris, is donating many large Megalodon teeth and he’ll be here to help identify the sharks teeth found.

the shark tooth fairy is comig to tybee

There will even be two designated zones to search so that kids ages 2-6 can be accompanied by their adults and those 7-12 can have their own area with adults watching from outside their designated zone.

the shark tooth fairy is coming to tybee

The Tybee Island Marine Science Center provides year-round programs for island visitors, scouts and school groups on the beach, in the marsh, on the water, in the classroom, and the Coastal Georgia Gallery.  Their mission is to cultivate a responsible stewardship of coastal Georgia’s natural resources through
education, conservation, and research.  Plan to spend the weekend so you can visit the science center and learn more about the center’s coastal rehab, rescue, and response programs.

the shark tooth fairy is coming to tybee

The Shark Tooth Fairy is coming to Tybee and it’s the perfect family friendly adventure to enjoy with your children.  It’s also a great opportunity to teach your children to be protectors of our ocean community.  Let’s make more wonderful memories your kids will always remember!

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